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Mountains you should never climb in South Africa (Video)


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There are a lot of Mountains in South Africa known, for being thee most dangerous Everests, these mountains are said to have swallowed a number of people, since then majority have given them names.

The first known mountain is the one situated in Limpopo, called Modimolle it is alleged that the only person to have climbed the mountain is Malome Boy the old man is said to have came back alive however he was never the same again. The mountain is also known to be holy by the villagers. No man has ever been advised to climb up there even if he or she has a calling.

Second mountain is thee most dangerous in the country, situated in Qwaqwa. The mountain has been known to have an unknown and undescribable giant snake with numerous heads. People in the area explain that going to the top is the hardest task ever. Even though one can get there, the is another top which no man has ever climb.

It is alleged that there is a sink hole up there that's were the mysterious animal is known to live. The mountain is always covered by just, people who go there hike to the top using chains. Another mountain is the one in Qwaqwa Phuthaditjhaba, people living near the mountain do not have a clue what is at the top of that mountain.

The mountain covers the area of Phuthaditjhaba people living near the mountain, get to sleep earlier due to the darkness the mountain shows. At around 7pm to them it is already dark more especially in winter. One thing they know is that there are wild animals living at the top.

Unfortunately no one has ever been on top of that mountain and come back with evidence. People who visit caves near these mountains claim that there are spiritual healings. Majority who go there sick come back healed while some return spiritually gifted.

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