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Believe It Or Not, This Beautiful Place Is Found In One Of Zimbabwe's Villages: Opinion

This beautiful place was discovered in Zimbabwe, right there in ends of Midlands province, in a village or rural settlement called Mberengwa.

Zimbabwe has so much to offer to tourists or tourism industry, it's only that corona has jeopardized this part of economic development in most countries. Zimbabwe is not all that poor after all, Zimbabwe has potential to create a platform where the world will not do without engaging with this country. Through their resources they can create a platform where they Zim will be on demand.

Most of this beautiful places need to be well maintained and developed. Make these places move with the morden era, then people will flock for a tour to Zimbabwe. There is Gonarenzou national park, lack Kariba, Victoria falls, Great Zimbabwe, Guruguru, Sanyati falls and Domboshava. All these places can attract millions of dollars into Zimbabwe. Our leaders must just cut down on, corruption and greed.

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Believe It Or Not Mberengwa Midlands Zimbabwe


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