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Zimbabwe emigrants struggle to get South Africa visa to continue residing in the country.


The termination of Zimbabwe Extension Permits in South Africa in December is causing chaos and drama among Zimbabwean nationals residing in SA. Many of these foreign national who is not happy with the decision of the South African government through the Department of Home Affairs to terminate their permits are running helter-skelter to get a visa so that they can continue living in South Africa.

South Africa has been a greener pasture for neighboring countries most especially Zimbabwe. The majority of the foreign nationals residing in South Africa are Zimbabweans. 

Some South Africans have reacted to this in different ways, take a look at some of their responses below;

@Correctional6v2 tweeted,

"Again with these Zimbabweans. This is the 7th article about ZEP since yesterday."

@MaekisoTshediso tweeted,

"You're trying so hard to create confusion, ZEP was just a temporary solution not a permanent solution to Zimbabweans."

@phumziledvd1 tweeted,

"They must delay the process a little bit come December."

@ClasycMan tweeted,

"If you know what I mean."

@Busi_see tweeted,

"It's enough now."

@msibisks tweeted,

"You think they care? Zimbabweans cut fences to gain access to South Africa and other neighboring countries, they don’t care about no expiry dates."

@altjozi tweeted,

"I don't think you realize how this one-sided narrative will only fuel hate and cause just more chaos, which puts your brothers and sisters at risk. Read the room."

@RamiM93263709 tweeted,

"They Must just leave and go build their country."

@msibisks tweeted,

"Either way war is coming, evidenced in all the spaces and social media pages foreigners have created. We were too welcoming and now it is biting us, funny thing is that Law enforcement will Act Shocked when this finally happens."

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