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Zozibini's home town

 Pic: Zozibini and her mother

Tsolo, is a town in Mhlontlo local municipality in the OR Tambo district in the Eastern Cape. I know that sounds boring, but that’s just what it is. Zozibini is a giant from a small place. The population in this area was estimated at less than 8000 in 2011. Tsolo means “pointed” in isiXhosa, and this name was refers to the sharply pointed hills found in this area.

Pic: pointed hill in Tsolo


Pic: Tsolo retail centre

To say Tsolo is a small town would be an understatement. The place is tiny. Don’t go to this town expecting to do any shopping. The people here mostly do their shopping in neighboring towns as there really isn’t a large variety of stores around this area. The transport situation is also uh… difficult. No e-hailing service here love. It would be best if you had your own car, or a car rental to explore this tiny, and peaceful corner of the Eastern Cape. The locals use vans/bakkies/pick-up trucks as transport, the passengers are loaded in the back. The roads are mostly gravel so it’s a bumpy ride all the way to the pretty little villages.


Pic: Van used to transport passengers to the villages

Our Queen’s village (eSidwadweni) is a green paradise with vast green fields, and hills as majestic as her. In all honesty there isn’t much to do in the area, but if you’re looking for peace, and quite this is the place for you. The village is rich in culture, and the language is as pure as spring water (am used to the diluted Xhosa spoken in Cape Town). The people here are genuine, simple, and as humble as our former Miss Universe.

 Pic: beautiful land scape of Tsolo

Nothing happens in a hurry

 Sidwadweni, like most rural villages in South Africa is pretty underdeveloped, and that means every thing happens in a “hurry up and wait” pace. The great thing is that your impatient city self won’t have anyone to match your impatience. The people here are patient and super laid back.

Pic: Zozibini at home doing chores

Accommodation for the weary traveler

 There are three small BnBs in Tsolo. You won’t find the Ritz here, but you will get the best service you’ve ever gotten.


Note: There are still no taps in the area and the toilets are pit latrines.

Check out these places if you’re ever visit Tsolo

Summer Pride BnB


Bantu Creations Lodge


Athi and Otha's BnB

In a world where those who make it in life are those who come from privileged backgrounds, it is very surprising to find that a person from Tsolo can rise to the level she (Zozibini Tunis) is in today. When you consider her background, it is easy see why She is the most loved Miss South Africa since well… ever! We all love to root for the underdog.






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Mhlontlo OR Tsolo Zozibini isiXhosa


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