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The EU is divided as Zelensky demands that all Russian people must be banned.


Ukraine is pressuring the EU to ban Russian travelers from getting into the bloc however has met various responses, with a few EU nations agreeing at the same time as others resist.

Already a few EU countries neighbouring Russia are barring Russian visa applications or restricting visas issued with the aid of using their personal services, however no EU-wide ban is in place.

The problem is to be mentioned at an EU overseas ministers' assembly in Prague on 31 August as the 27-country bloc weighs whether or not to come up with a unified role on short-term visas for normal Russians.

The battlefield is getting heated up, strange things are happening. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has advised Ukrainians to stay farfar from enemy command posts and logistics bases. “Do now no longer approach the army items of the Russian army,” he stated after reports of explosions in a single day in Russian-occupied Crimea. Speaking on Wednesday, Zelenskiy stated Russians have realised that Crimea is “now no longer an area for them” and hinted greater assaults ought to lie ahead.

Fires and explosions were reported at army targets inside Russia and Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, withinside the latest of a string of obvious sabotage missions deep into Russian-held territory.

Two Russian villages have been evacuated after a blaze at a munitions depot close to the Ukrainian border in Belgorod province. “An ammunition depot caught fire close to the village of Timonovo”, much less than 50km from the border, the local governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, stated in a statement, including that no casualties have been reported.

Putin losing information war in Ukraine, UK says. Britain has intercepted Russian cyber warfare, intelligence chief says; blasts at military targets inside Russia and Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine is clear sign of internal struggle.

The EU is slowly stabbing Zelensky in the back, and the president has no chance of changing the situation. With his only supporter gone, he will be left to make tough decisions without any support.


Why are Africans not really concerned about the Ukraine vs. Russia conflict? Because its none of our Business, it is also better for us if Russia wins, the US and Europe still treat us as a colony, we need multipolar world, Russia and China at least recognize us as independent nations. We saw what US did to Zimbabwe when they wanted to be independent. The reason Africa isn't moving is not because of failing African leaders and corrupt but because of sabotage from West. The reason China, Germany and Russia are feared by US is because they have no power over them and cannot colonize them. But we Africans are are just wrapped around their little finger and less powerful so it's easy to destroy us, whenever we show signs of growth.

US wanted to build military base in Ukraine and has one in Japan and South Korea. But when China was working with Solomon and had agreed on building base in Africa. US showed their their hypocrisy and called this a threat, something to be averted but yet they growing NATO eastward and building military bases. Now Russia calls this a threat to their security, US quickly brushes it of as a lie, Putin is mad, Putin is sick, Russia must be isolated, Russia is a bad dictatorship and Russia did that and that. They are clearly trying their best to defame Russia globally. But not everyone is blind to US tactics, we see what they doing.

Should the U.S. stop giving military aid to Ukraine for the sake of overall international peace? Yes. I don’t remember when in the post-WW2 era the U.S. has actually contributed to international peace. They always leave a lot of mess behind them. Ukraine will be no exception.

I think that the U.S. should be demilitarized like Germany was in the last century for all their warmongery and aggressive behavior. That would solve the problem. This international law and peace seems to apply to every country globally except the US and West.

But looks like that won't happen because US interest must be protected:

Biden is demanding that Ukraine be given long-range ATACMS missiles because vital U.S. interests are being decided in Ukraine. Two dozen former military officers and diplomats sent such a letter to the White House, writes The Hill. Infact, it is clear to everyone that the Ukrainians are fighting for U.S. interests. But it is noteworthy that Washington does not even hide it.

I'm just glad that Russia is becoming more and more independent and sanction resistant. Russia found buyers for all the coal abandoned by the EU - Vedomosti.

The unprecedented price hike allowed suppliers to make up for the discount in deliveries to Asian markets.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on the merits and identity of the United States. The U.S. massacres the world over, thinking it is a superhero, but in fact it is just a terrorist.

Well I don't know about terrorist but It's kind of hard to disagree with the guy.

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