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Two pilots fall asleep at 37,000ft

Two pilots of a passenger aircraft slept off in the air but managed to land the craft.

According to Mail Online, the event occurred on August 15 as Flight ET343 was flying from Khartoum to Addis Abeba. It took place at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

The planes were supposed to start descending at Addis Abeba Bole Airport.

According to Aviation Herald, Air Traffic Control made an effort to get in touch with the pilots but was unsuccessful. After the aircraft's autopilot disengaged and sounded an alert, the crew eventually woke up.

The plane was successfully landed by the pilots, and it remained there for around two and a half hours before taking off for its subsequent voyage.

Data supports the occurrence, demonstrating that the plane overshot the runway and made another.

The occurrence is supported by data, which demonstrates that the plane had overshot the runway and was able to make another approach when the pilots awakened.

'Deeply alarming occurrence at Africa's largest airline, Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 #ET343 was still at cruising altitude of 37,000ft by the time it arrived destination Addis Ababa,' aviation analyst Alex Macheras posted on Twitter.

Why had it not already begun to descend for landing? Both pilots were dozing off.

He spoke of "pilot weariness," calling it "nothing new."


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