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Immigration policy

Foreigners are here to stay, reasons why you can't chase them [OPINION]

Note: this post discusses undocumented immigrants and should not be a catalyst for unreasonable hate forwards fellow africans that play by the rules

Illegal immigrants are a plague of any nation, as they can consume resources that were made for the locals. While everybody is discussing how they should forcefully chase them out of the country, they are only solving half of the problem.

Imagine filing a bucket with water, while it has a huge hole underneath. Counter productive right? That's exactly how it is when it comes to foreigners, you're chasing them out while those that are responsible for the borders are being bribed. You're chasing them out, while corporations hire them for cheap labour. You're chasing them out, but still support their business because local businesses charge by market value while the latter can go unreasonably cheap, whose at fault?

What should we do?

Just as china does, strip them away of basic privileges, healthcare should be paid for. They should be in detention centres and far away from CBD's so as not to disturb the people's day to day life. Being a street vendor should come with a government issued permit (that costs nothing of course) but should a higher tax rate for foreign nationals, if you're going to stay here, you'd have to pay text.

The reason they flock here, is because someone told them South Africa is heaven. We do as we please.

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