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Immigration policy

Unexpected || What Foreigners are doing at night will leave you in tears. See what people noticed.

Home Affairs is a mess, everywhere you go in our townships there are plenty illegal immigrants. You have foreigners running churches all over. How did these people entered South Africa? Who issued them with permits, ID etc. What is the DG and the Minister doing? Once South Africa goes up in smokes it won't matter whether you are apolitical or not, you will be badly affected. Middle classes in other African states opted to be quiet but in due course they had to flee through emigration. Where will you emigrate to if SA crumbles? And again why are South Africans being bullied for asking Immigration Laws to be implemented and enforced? How is advocating for legal immigration xenophobic? South Africans Laws are Subverted daily, our borders are in shambles and the legal routes in a nightmare.

They are all illegal immigrants and they found creative ways to enter South Africa. It will be difficult to catch this criminals because they have no fingerprints within the system. We are the South Africans on the Ground, your privilege has shielded for you from this for far too long. It is so painful because we are the one's exposed to illegal immigrants crimes, human Trafficking, drugs at every corner, seeing young girl's who are forced in prostitute in Johannesburg, Arcadia PTA Daily, it is so hurting. A dangerous again how do South African nation not see anything wrong with the fact the illegal foreigners are having jobs and South Africans are jobless and has basically given up looking for jobs.

South Africans are now full enough of foreigners, because the majority of pregnant women at our hospitals are Mozambicans and Zimbabweans who cross the border just to give birth. Does that mean there's no single properly functioning hospital in Maputo and Harare that can help these women to give birth?

Please leave a comment that can help us to deal with these illegal foreigners.

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