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Opinion: China is beautiful Check out this beautiful buildings you won't find anywhere in the world

Source: Opinion

China is one of the beautiful countries in the world. The country has buildings that are constructed in such a way that one would say they are not real buildings once seen from a picture. But the truth is this buildings are hotels,Banks,offices and homes to people.

The country China can be explored with fun. The only thing one would need is a camera and strong desire to walk around capturing the moment. The buildings are structured in a form of telling a story. Buildings in China resemble different kind of animals while other buildings are made to look the way insects live on their Barrow.

This people construct buildings based on their culture. Majority of their homes are designed in a way that they carry the monument for future generations. People in China don't just build homes but they practice their culture of praising China as a country. Doing this brings more tourism into their country which makes it easy to be one of the wealthiest country bin the world.

Bridges are different from other countries. The design can be scary and beautiful at the same time. As for the image below the engineers worked on a bridge that walks ships on land not in sea. This is the number one country I would visit the day I make enough money.

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