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Meet man who blew R5 million in less than 3 months without taking a vacation


People who leave with sweepstakes and money from their people who passed. Most of them evidently don't have even the remotest clue how money is spent. A man frim Limpopo ended up consuming 5million without leaving the country. Ensuing to leaving with sweepstakes cash he started fundamentally impacting his lifestyle.

Got various mates he never had and started celebrating essentially conventional. Today he is a bankrupt man without nothing to show. He lived like a ruler in his space, people called him Monada. It is guaranteed that he would go through over 15k a day drinking with friend. Giving money to ladies who become his association for the day. Unfortunately cash left him without saying goodbye.

People he was looking down on were at absolutely no point in the future interest on him. The day he comprehended that he couldn't tolerate purchasing piece of bread any longer. Those that ended up being fundamental for his getting a charge out of left with too without saying we leaving. Money can humble you st times when you have no clue about how to use it.

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Limpopo Monada


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