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LISA: SIYABANGENA is for a great time in Cape Town


Lisa is in Cape Town, also called the Mother City on an exquisitely bright day to enjoy the sunshine. She is wearing a beautiful African proverb t-shirt written (Siyabangena), which simply means it is time to go where you are headed and they will see you once you get to the location.

Lisa is in Cape Town, and without a doubt, people are aware of her wonderful experience. Siyabangena is a motivational tool that anyone can use to reach as many destinations as possible. Lifestyle is a major activity that many people engage in a variety of ways.


She also has some water for dyhidration during the hot days. You should not forget to drink enough water, and there is no reason to go out into nature if you are not drinking enough water. While at home you should always make sure you have enough water in your body.

It is great for encouraging other people to drink enough water. It is the time of year when the sun is hot and drinking water should be available all day on a daily basis. When it comes to taking pictures, is another encounter so many people does love and not forgetting wherever they are.


When it comes to women, it is as something they do not forget and they take a lot of pictures. It is part of life to take pictures of your own memory lane, and everyone is photographing themselves. Some other people you will not know much about them, because they do not share pictures online.

You can see with her pictures that Cape Town is a destination you could or should have it ticked on your bucket list. The place itself has a lot of attractions and so many events for your preferred lifestyle to enjoy. Other people also loves to be in Cape Town like her.


1. YeeZus: The first frame was tricky for him, thinking that the Siyabangena concept is a Balenciaga brand.

2. King: He wants to move to Cape Town because Lisa had an amazing exploration of the mother city.

The tweet had them engaging and it is normal in the world of social media platforms to read not unrelated comments to the post.


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