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DR TIC: I had a great time in Lesotho and taking pictures from a snowy place

Dr. Tic was eagerly to discover and experience what it is like to be in a snowy environment. It is something that the southern continents or countries do not get to experience on their own land. They had to travel to specific countries to have that moment. But with Lesotho, Dr. Tic did not have to fly very far to a country somewhere around Europe.


But then, other people are not keen on going to enjoy the experience because it is with cold temperatures at the moment. That is their reason, and they are not considering any option to help them enjoy being on the ice. Many people have been there because they have only seen it in the media.

Being in Lesotho is an opportunity that he was not willing to miss. It is cold, but the moment you are there, you will know how it feels and very different about it. Dr. Tic has taken beautiful pictures that he loves a lot. He would love to enjoy the experience again because it is something that does not happen very often.


When you get an opportunity like this, you should make sure you are not going to regret that you should have been there when you had the chance. It may not be guaranteed for next time. Life is about having the best moments and some of them comes from something you have to explore for the first time.


You never know how you will feel when you finally get there. You can't go back to the same place again because you will get used to it and you need change. Dr. Tic loves exploring the good moments. If you are from the Free State province, you will have more reasons to visit because you will be able to meet people who are related to your family tree.

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