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Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

A 110 meter high natural rock pool, "Devil's Pond" is found on the Victoria Falls.

"Thundering rain and fog" is how people refer to Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe and Zambia meet here in Africa. One of the world's most famous natural sceneries.

Dangerous Devil's Pool

Every year, a river cascades down the waterfall. During the dry season, the water level drops and calms. The cliff's top rock acts as a natural barrier, preventing river movement. A tiny pool of river water formed by boulders near the waterfall's summit. The Devil's Pool gets its name from its location atop a cliff.

To experience the world's most hazardous swimming pool, many visitors visit the "Devil's Pool."

Despite its intimidating moniker, travelers may safely visit the "Devil's Pond" since it is surrounded by rocks. It is not as deadly as it seems, according to tourists who have directly visited the "Devil's Pool."

Excellent memory

A 35-year-old Seattle software developer, Francesco Stuglin He traveled to Devil's Pond to commemorate his first wedding anniversary with Angela.

On the 23rd, Francesco told a reporter from the Daily Mail about his and his wife's memorable trip "I'm thrilled to be at the Devil's Pond. I was terrified of being carried away by the rapids. Fear and dizziness. Gleichzeitig, I had to defend myself."

This sensation of "flying over the waterfall" was experienced by Angela, 30, who was wearing a bikini.

Francesco describes how some people scream as they leap into the Devil's Water, while others enjoy the tranquility of the pool while attentively observing the unique surroundings.

For him and his wife, "Devil's Pool" is more emotional than bungee jumping for their wedding anniversary.

"Devil's Pool" is a natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Scottish missionaries and explorers found it in 1855. The waterfall is fed by the Zambezi. 7500 cubic meters of water every second when the river is full. River rushes to cliff, creating Victoria Falls. 40 km distant, clouds may be observed. A water mist.

A naturally formed rock pool, "Devil's Pool" The Crulu people who previously lived near the waterfall were reported to have been terrified of it. the rainbow is the embodiment of the gods for the nearby Tonga people. They typically sacrifice animals to the gods near the sun on the east side of the falls.

The waterfall's peril draws adventurers from all over. They were told that the water in the pool was tiny and quiet, with no cascades along the rock wall during the dry season from September to October. Fluxes are 15 times higher in the wet season (March-May). That means they have to swim in the dry season.

After all, no one knows that the azure pool of water is a "demon" until a body in exile downstream advises others not to approach it.

Still, courageous challengers keep coming. They swam in the pool, snapped photographs, and sat on the edge to fly. Insanely courageous father held his son and gazed down the edge.

"It seems risky, but it's not" Most swimmers experience this. "The waterfall is thundering when you stand on its brink. It's impossible to hear yourself shout. A rush of adrenaline is coursing through your body, and you feel yourself approaching death." David Ron remembered the "Devil's Pool".

According to him, even if the pool water is cold, swimming in such a risky place causes the body to quiver. Swimmers will only understand why travel books caution not to eat before swimming here after this happens.

"Devil's Pool" has mostly adults and kids swimming. The lovely mythology or the fact that men want to explore might be the reason.

Long ago, a group of flower-like females emerged daily under the deep waters of Victoria Falls. They'd play the golden African drums all night long. The waterfall will roar when the golden drum snore emerges from water.

The females began to emerge after a time. The sun's beams reflected golden light from their colorful clothing into the sky. Beautiful rainbows could be seen from dozens of kilometers. Their beautiful dance stances agitated the water, producing sprays and clouds.

The handkerchiefs travelers get will be soaked from the waterfall if they stand on the cliff edge opposite. Washing down the waterfall inadvertently The "Devil's Pool" is said to be the world's most hazardous pool.

Anyone daring to enter the "Devil's Pool" during this time of year will be carried down the cliff by the river, according to reports. It's not safe to swim in a pool during the dry season since the water flow slows down.

Because there is no barrier around the "Devil's Pool" and the water is still moving at 1088 cubic meters per second, the "visitors" may be little inattentive and follow the water. The surging water swept the waterfall.

Visitors must first trek for 3 hours on a steep path, with slippery stones at their feet and the risk of sliding down to reach the "Devil's Pool."

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