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Japan has now shut its borders to all foreigners

The new variant that has been identified is really causing a stair around the world. Countries are not sure whether to close their borders or leave them open. We have seen the likes of UK banning flights coming from South Africa mainly because of this new variant but they had to quickly retrace their steps and now they are allowing South African flights starting from Tuesday.

Now Japan has decided to close all its borders. No foreigners will be allowed. Japan is trying to ensure that they do not get this new variant but there is really no guarantees that they won't get it or that they do not even have it already because we have seen that other countries already had the variant but did not report on it and they have missed it.

The likes ofJapan are the countries that won't be that much affected when it comes to the economy because they are well developed unlike the countries here in Africa. But closing borders every time there is a new variant won't really assist because it seems like the virus will be with us for the longest time. It has been almost two years living with this virus and we just have to learn how to manage it and not the other way round.

However people believes that Japan has taken the right step because if they can wait and want to see how the virus behave, it might be too late by the time that happens. Japan is almost 80% fully vaccinated. They are not prepared to risk it for foreigners. They are living a normal life in Japan and they want to keep it that way.

We know that here in South Africa people are not really convinced about the vaccines. People don't want to be vaccinated.

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