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Guy Says That This Is How It Feels To "Live In South Africa" Vs To "Groove In South Africa".

Date || 29 November 2021

Source || Twitter


South Africa is considered one of the leading countries in Africa even though it's still a developing country. This means that it still has a long way to go until it can be upgraded into a developed country. However, judging by the things that are currently happening in the country, it seems like it might take a while before South Africa can reach that status of a developed country. 

The country is currently experiencing a lot of problems which will take time in order for them to be fixed and, therefore, it's people are just left to suffer in the meantime. This is the reason why most people don't like living in the country anymore as there's a lot of stuff going wrong and, little is done to fix or correct these things. This is most probably why some guy on Twitter made the post about living in South Africa compared to having fun in South Africa. 

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As you see in the picture above, the part says, " Living in South Africa" shows a very sad and depressed person while the part that says, "Grooving in South Africa" shows a happy and over the moon person. So basically, what this says is that it's depressing to live in South Africa because of all the things that it's citizens go through while, it's fun to go out and party with friends as South Africa has really cool music and events as well. 

That guy was, however, not the only guy that felt that way as many others on Twitter shared the same sentiments as the guy. They also felt like South Africa isn't the best place to live at but it's most certainly the best place to have fun in. Some people from other countries are also attracted to South Africa because of the vibe that the people that stay here have.

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