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Dubai deLists Zimbabwe from 10 Best African Countries To Invest In

I can tell you this for free, why Dubai would delist Zimbabwe from being one of the best African countries to invest in. If you look at most of the countries that they've put on the list, are not far from Zimbabwe, there is not much of a difference. You will keep on asking yourself why Zimbabwe? You would ask yourself why this particular Southern African country? Is it because there is a certain badluck that they have? Is it because they just don't like Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is a country that was developed by the British colonial system.

It is just like some of the countries that are in the list here. Zimbabwe is not such a bad country to invest. Actually it is the right time to invest in Zimbabwe, one can make a fortune out of it if you can put your investment in this country. It is like a shuttered or a house that has been abandoned, but it looses value which gives a developer a chance to buy it cheap.

When you renovate it, you can sell at any price of your choice, and you would make some huge profits out of it. This is what the people in property are doing, but the delist of Zimbabwe from being one of the best countries to invest in Africa is it is something that is got to do with the corrupt ways of the Zimbabwean politics.

Our fellow leaders are very corrupt, they're very corrupt to a point that they don't hide it. Citizens know how dirty politics is in this particular country. So with Mnangagwa being the president, I think Dubai see no use of investing in Zimbabwe, it looks like a waste.

You never know what those Zanu PF holigans will tend to do against your investments. They have no principles. As long as they are greedy individuals in the politics like those that are in the ruling party, Zanu PF, there is no way in which Zimbabwe can be considered one of the best countries to invest in. I think that is my answer, it has got nothing to do with anything, but it has to do with it's corrupt political ways.

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