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Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

From Rihanna to Rafael Nadal, find out where all your favorite celebrities like to spend their spring break. Then, book some flights!

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Mykonos, Greece

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The Greek islands are a destination for celebrities from all over the world. Mykonos has long been adored for the greek food, blue waters, white houses, and stone-lined streets. It is the perfect location to rent a boat and travel to a lesser-occupied beach for a charming day under the sun. 

Amalfi, Italy

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Not sure who else better to prove that the south of Italy is always a destination, than Kourtney Kardashian herself. Multiple years in a row she has opted for the beautiful clear blue water beaches and pasta with red wine for dinner. And she looks amazing doing it. Kardashian has done the trip with family and brought along her many beaus, from Younes Bendjima to her now-fiancé Travis Barker. From the Amalfi coast to Sardinia, it's impossible to go wrong with the beach towns in Italy for Spring Break 2022. 

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Turks and Caicos

Another celeb favorite is the little set of islands just southeast of the Bahamas. It is the ideal spot for scuba-diving and in the evening sipping Mai Thais by beautiful sunsets. For more adventure, be like Kendall Jenner and gracefully gallop along the beach with a horse. Or, stun in Versace with your hubby like Emrata, who continues to prove that motherhood is sexy.  

Tulum, Mexico

Known for small little watering holes and cliff jumping, Tulum's high temperatures and cool waters are exactly what spring-breakers want. As tourists have already started booking their trips, charming Airbnbs have popped up with private pools and modern architecture.

St. Tropez, France

St. Tropez has been the place to go to for years. Jay-Z and Queen B's frequent yacht trips to the South of France in the 2010s proved that everything in St. Tropez is glamorous, while Rihanna's calm and relaxing demeanor while vacationing on the coast highlight the destination's rejuvenating qualities.

Mallorca, Spain

From Spanish athlete Rafael Nadal to fashion celebrity Alexa Chung, Mallorca has the perfect Mediterranean energy. The picturesque waters are even bluer in real life, the quaint town that the ocean surrounds is filled with local restaurants and shops for evening walks after spending the day tanning. 


Another celebrity hub for spring break is the Maldives. Gen-Z singer Charlotte Lawrence opted for swimming with sharks and nailed the perfect spring break aesthetic, while Justin and Hailey Bieber showed off their luxurious getaway on Instagram. If Hailey goes to the Maldives, we should all go to the Maldives (if not for anything else than Insta content). 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi go hand in hand for a more unique spring break experience. The tall buildings and Dune-like terrain paired with the ocean allow for the perfect combination of urban and beach life. There are many resorts, and the internationally well-rated food options are endless.

The Bahamas

This one has been a favorite for a while because of the piglets. The small animals are friendly and adored by Instagram influencers. The sand on the beaches is soft and white, and, located within the Caribbean, all the islands offer a beautiful spot for a spring break filled with sun. 

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is an ideal spring break spot for more sporty folk. Whether it's surfing or hiking through resting craters, it would fit an entire family. Billie Eilish posted her trip to the islands showing the natural beauty of it for all her fans to see on Instagram.

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