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How Do You Feel About Immigrants?

Immigration is not something new, it started a long time ago, and it is common nowadays. People are moving to other countries for different reasons like studying, working, and for better opportunities. The sad part is that other people decide to leave their countries because they fear for their lives. Regardless of the reasons that push them to move to another country, it breaks my heart that many of them experience hate and discrimination because they are foreigners.

The experience of moving to another country is not the same for everyone. Some people don’t have any difficulties applying for their visas and getting all the required documents and permission to enter another country. Let us talk about people who have a different experience in this, and they move to other countries illegally and face so many challenges. Others might have the right to be in that country, but they are underpaid and living in terrible conditions.

Many people leave their countries because they want to find better jobs and support their families. But when they get to a foreign land, they struggle to get a job, and even if they do, the pay is not that good. Many employers prefer to employ foreigners because they are cheap labor. Knowing that some employers hire illegal immigrants because they want to overwork them, abuse them, and underpay them, is very sad.

Moving to another country can be very challenging because you have to learn the language and culture. You also have to get used to the different weather and more, but these are not the only challenges immigrants face. Immigrants are called names, and they experience hateful speech from the citizens.

Xenophobia is common in many countries. On the news, there are occasional events of xenophobic attacks reported. Many people lose their lives just because they are not citizens. During the xenophobic attacks, people get injured and lose their belongings. Some people had no choice but to go back to their countries, not knowing how to support themselves and their families when they get there. The xenophobic attacks need to stop because they break families, destroy property, cause injuries, lead to stress and confusion, and the sad part is that people lose their lives.

Let us learn to love and respect everybody regardless of their nationality. Try to understand the situation. Think of a family man putting his life in danger, crossing the desert because he is looking for better opportunities. Or he is running away because of war in his country. When he finally gets to another land, he receives nothing but hate. He is even attacked and told to go back to his home country! Is that fair?

I don’t condone illegal immigration, but we have to treat everyone with dignity. Illegal and legal immigrants are subjected to discrimination more especially if they are not from developed countries. It is time to stop the hate. And love our brothers and sisters from other countries.

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