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“All The Countries That Placed SA On Travel Ban Must Apologize To Us” — Simeon Grindrod

A social media user and critic has said that all these countries that placed South Africa on travel ban are bunches of hypocrites and Afrophobes, saying that they must apologize for their action. Recall that some countries are blaming South Africa for the omicron variant of Coronavirus. However, South Africans have been vehemently denied that omicron variant originated in the country. They noted that the variant was already in existence, but it was South Africa that helped exposed the variant. Mr Grindrod wrote, “Europe, the USA and every other nation that ‘banned’ South Africa for exposing a variant they already had in their own nations should apologize and lift the travel ban immediately. They are a bunch of Hypocrites & Afrophobes. Period”. Along with many other countries, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have all placed South Africa on travel ban until further notice. The travel ban may be even elongated because it was revealed today that one case of omicron. Furthermore, over 13 new cases were discovered in Amsterdam. This is why some countries are now shutting down their contact with South Africa to ensure that their citizens are safe.

Furthermore, Mr Simeon Grindrod said that the world already know that omicron is existing, and it that it never originated from South Africa. He said, “So Europe casually screws Southern Africa nations with travel bans over a Covid-19 variant they already had — but it took South African scientists to do the real work and educate them on what it was. Go figure. When will some nations learn that they can’t build a wall to stop a virus. Global unity of purpose and vaccine equity is needed urgently. Period”. He hinted that the countries blaming omicron on South Africa do not know what they do doing, making it known that blame game will do no good. Recently, Joe Biden said that omicron is something to be worried about, but nothing something that will cause panic. He noted that very soon, solutions will arise, and thanked South Africa for their understanding and for not taking offence when they were placed on travel ban by different countries across the world. 

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