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"All The Way From Phala-Phala Farm Gate Just To Take A Nap In Eastern Cape" Says Bonga president had traveled to Eastern Cape yesterday to extend his condolences to the families that lost their children at the Enyobeni tragedy. Many South African citizens were surprised to see him sleeping because the proceedings were not too long then he could have held himself until he returned back home, it is quite clear that the president was too exhausted to a point where he could not hold it and found themselves sleeping in the middle of a crowd.

The incident caused a huge stir on social media because many people under what was happening there and the picture has been circulating on all social media platforms. This is not the first time he is seen sleeping therefore it is not a joking matter to some South Africans as he has been spotted sleeping on television as well. This makes people feel like the country is a joke because even the head does things that are unexpected in public.

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Phala-Phala Farm Gate


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