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Lesotho rivers and waterfalls freezes when it becomes too cold, See here


One of the African fact is that Lesotho can get so cold that even it’s reverse waterfalls strings and Dems get completely frozen over and this is depicted in the pictures below and above.

Most people who have visited Lesotho before will attest that it is a very cold place, and you can wake up seeing a lot of snow in the area but however it is a good visiting area for those who love touring.

Well some countries are very much what especially during summer and winter some countries are very much cold and this is how God the Almighty made them.

Some people really love cold places because they do not like hot temperatures especially in areas which are always experiencing high temperatures and a lot of hotness in the area.

Lesotho is one of the areas which people love to visit because of this type of weather that occurs.

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African Lesotho


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