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Top 5 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Global Peace Index data shows that the absence of violence is what is meant by peace.

Recent studies have shown that Iceland is the most tranquil country, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. With that in mind

Here are the world's five most peaceful countries, as determined by the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Peace Index.


It may come as a shock to you, but Iceland is the world's most tranquil country. Many people who have visited the country and heard its stories can attest to the fact that it is a secure place to call home.

On the other hand, living in a place like this may be challenging for someone who is not accustomed to cold weather. It is well-known that the country is both frigid and confined in size. That's one of the reasons it's one of the world's most tranquil countries.

Many people are drawn to the country as a tourism destination. Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of sights and activities.

2. The Republic of Denmark

Denmark is the world's second-peaceiest nation. The country of Denmark, like many others in the Nordic region, is praised for its business-friendly climate and high level of security.

Despite its tiny size, Denmark is seen as a "calm nation on continental Europe.


There is no secret that since 2007, New Zealand has often been among the world's most peaceful nations.

When it comes to jail populations and military capabilities, it's a county with the lowest "% of its inhabitants in prison." New Zealand is a nice and welcoming place to visit.


South Central European countries include Austria, which is a tiny country. According to a variety of factors, including "position on international affairs," a country's level of peace and tranquility is decided.

The economy of the country appears to be doing exceptionally well. It's not frugal in any way. The more reason Austria is a top five country in terms of peace and prosperity.


Switzerland has a low rate of violent crime, making it one of the world's most peaceful nations. Switzerland is well-known for being a magnificent and stunning location due to its unique position within the European Union.

There is a widespread perception that the country is politically apolitical. To top it all off, the government maintains cordial diplomatic relations with a number of other nations throughout the world.

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