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Would you do this for 1 million?see pictures of a lady that left people speechless

Each and every year millions and millions of tourist visits Victoria Falls. It is situated in Zimbabwe and is one of the most visited tourist destination in Zimbabwe. Despite being one of the best destination it is also dangerous if you make mistakes while on your vacation you could lose your life. People now call it the devil's pool as they know that it is very dangerous. Victoria falls is such a nice place snd eveyone dreams of going there.

A lady posted a picture of her self on top of victoria falls and said that she did the "devils pool" today. A devils pool is when you go on top of the waterfall at the end where water falls. Most people are afraid of doing this. 

My thought now is that can anyone do this even if the are offered a million rand. " The devils pool" is the most dangerous thing to do its between life and death and any mistake you can die. Even if you survive the fall the are crocodiles there and if you do not get out of there fast you can be one of their pray.

Many people have been participating the "devils pool" and know that what ever happens to ypu the is no one to blame as they don't force anyone to do it. This lady must be a good swimmer as it is not easy to convince yourself to do such thing.

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