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This bird flies from Finland to South Africa and back in a 23 000 km journey.

A honey buzzard bird was fitted with a GPS tracking system as it flies from Finland to Free State South Africa in a grueling 10 000 km journey that lasted for 42 days. On average it was flying. Bird migration is a really fascinating subject and we are constantly amazed at the distances that some birds travel each year. With the improvements in modern technology, we can now also follow these birds more closely.

The bird was tracked back to Finland again where she spent that rest of the summer just in time for mating season. The project is coordinated by Patrik Byholm, senior lecturer at Novia University of Applied Sciences, and Jari Valkama, a principal investigator at the Zoology Unit of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Since 1913, over 4,300 honey buzzards have been ringed in Finland. Of these, 219 were recovered in other countries, including seven that were shot in Malta.

Nature is amazing and we should cherish it , rather than destroying it thus why I will never shoot a bird.

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