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Here's The Latest On That Tarven Where 21 Kids Died

Looking at social media platforms ever since that unfortunate event of kids duying at the Enyobeni tarven in the Eastern cape happened i take it that you have also noticed that dirty files of that tarven has been getting leaked one by one leaving a lot if people in shock, Well with the latest dirty files regarding the tarven being that pics of kids which were being hosted there were leaked.

More dirty files on the tarven were leaked now and this time around the files seems to involve the construction of the tarven itself, So according to my source :

It has been detected that the double story building of the Enyobeni tarven was constructed unlawfully.This is coming after the local authorities did a mini research on it only to find out that no plans for that double story house were submitted and approved for them to have a double story building they has as a tarven

So now with all that being this way a lot of mzansi people saw and heard of this and were left with so much to say, Checkout what some of them has come out and said on the Facebook social media platforms (read thier comments in the screenshoots attached below)

So now with all this being said and you looking at this situation from a view that if the double story was constructed illegally chances are it could be demolished what is it that you have to say right now? I mean we all know that the owner has forfeited thier alcohol trading license already so an an individual would you advocate for the fact that he should as well loose the building after that had happened there?

Please write us some comments stating what you think towards this issue in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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