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All 350 participants should reapply again

Only a few days left for people who did not reapply to reapply again. Remember guys if you did not reapply the are chances you won't be paid next month.

People should also put it on mind that the reason for Sassa to delay payment it's because they still installing a new system. Technology always changes every day and also is very important for the company to introduce a new system. The reason for introducing a new system is because helps the business monitor their fast and easy. The bad part about this technology is that it destroys other people's jobs, companies will now have to minimize workers.

Because of Ramaphosa, South Africa decided to embrace the 350 grant SRDs, and it is fair to show thanks for this decision. Even though we are all well aware that it is a pittance, having anything at all, even if it is a pittance, is still better than having nothing at all. There are people who make responsible use of it, as well as those who make inappropriate use of it. Some persons fit into both categories. Keep in mind, fellas, that relying on these 350 handouts for financial assistance during times of unemployment is not nearly as beneficial as working hard and putting in long hours.

Guys in order to be safe is to reapply again failure to so might happen you won't be paid next month. Log on Sassa page check your status it will help you to notify an problems.

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