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How many triangles do you see? Here how to test your eye sight quality.

Thereis is a triangles counting game trending on Twitter as people are asked to count how many triangles they see and its never an easy task as it seems that most of the lines form a triangle. The are other people who are saying that this game is good for checking eye sight quality if you able to get the total of the triangles on the picture then you can see very well.

The picture was posted on twitter to allow some other people to engage in the task to check how well their eye sight is good. Here is a post of the picture from twitter as it was posted and captioned how many triangle?

There are a lot of triangles in the picture another triangle is inside of other triangles some advice that you start by the smallest going to the biggest and that also remember that the bigger triangle holds other triangle within it. So thats the secret in finding how many triangles there are on the picture and your answer should be written on the comments.

Share which answer you got? How many triangles do you see?

Here are some few comments as the people on twitter commented as to how many triangles they were seeing on the picture here is the post.

Source : Twitter social media platform

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