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Adult content creator Samke caught fire on social media after throwing shade at teachers


Samke is a adult content creator who makes a living by selling adult content pictures and videos online. She seems to get a lot of support from people on social media as people seem to be buying her adult content.

Recently however Samke threw shade at teachers on social media which had a lot of people on social media talking. After throwing shade at teachers Samke caught a lot of fire form people on social media.

She posted that she was making a lot of money then teachers with the videos and pictures that she sells online. She also did share that she also built a house with this money she makes.

People on social media however threw fire at her as some were saying that the way that Samke makes her money is not a secure way of making money compared to teachers. However Samke seem to not mind what people were saying about her as this was clear to see by her response that she made.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing what Samke said on social media.

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