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Why does he delete his status after I read it? This is how the public reacted.

Blonboi, a Twitter user, wondered why he was altering his status after seeing it, and others answered in a variety of ways. Kekeletso instructed her to remove his phone number from her phone. She phrased it such that he'd assume he'd deleted you if she hadn't received his status. Someone tells her not to overthink things. Maybe he just wanted to erase his status and she happened to open it before he did. According to Itsthato, it was for her. He informed her that it didn't matter if it didn't get five views or if she didn't watch it; there was no need to keep it up.

They allege he uploaded it so she could see what he wanted her to see, and she learned it could be wiped. Someone mentioned that the status had reached the target market, and she was unmistakably that market. Wane explained that it was a sub-aim for her and that it was deleted since it accomplished its objective.

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