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These Codes Will Let You Know If Your Calls and Messages are hacked, being it IOS or Android

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Do you know your companions, family and surprisingly others you don't have the foggiest idea, can gain admittance to every one of your calls, SMS, Data, Fax, sync, Async, bundle and PAD.which they might use against you. I will might want to show a few CODES which would empower you to know whether you have been hacked. And furthermore, how to check for the individual who has hacked. 

This is the code to check, if your telephone or Sim has been hacked. 

*#62#. This would tell you, if your back rubs are perused or your calls are hacked. 

*#21# or *#002#. This will show you the number that is sending or following your calls. 

The above code is utilized and if your Sim or telephone is hacked you will see 


Voice: Forward. Additionally I might see empower rather than Forward 

Voice: Not Forward or Disable 

And furthermore for you to be capable ready to know the individual. You will dial these codes 

##62#. To Erase 



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