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MacG Complain About Expensive Booze At Konka.

R1 160MacG has become one of the most famous individuals in South Africa and is one of the most persuasive individuals in the realm of media news and diversion. Podcast and chill with MacG have become one of the greatest webcasts in South Africa, and there's no question concerning that since they have such countless audience members that nearly everybody today thinks about podcasts and chill. The Podcast has become so famous on the grounds that it covers the absolute juiciest news about superstars that you don't hear from the big names too, they additionally talk with VIPs too which makes the digital broadcast much more worth paying attention to and watching it. You could even put forward the case that MacG is somewhat turning into the Joe Rogen of South Africa.1 15

Well on the new scene of Podcast and chill, MacG really had a comment about Konka. Konka is supposed to be the best club in South Africa. Indeed, it appears to be that MacG is very much aware of the club and it seems like he additionally goes there as well, as he made them interesting comments about the club.

It's no question that Konka is a spot that is inviting to VIPs, and it's the place where you'll see the vast majority of them simply chilling and partaking in their private time.2 11

I'm certain it's obvious to the fans of the Podcast and Chill that MacG is for sure somebody who gatherings and he likewise gets gigs in spots, for example, Konka and different spots that have the vibe. It's not in any event, amazing that Macintosh really parties at Konka, I mean it would be astonishing in the event that he didn't party there, in light of the fact that it is the most famous club in South Africa at this moment, so the vast majority would be enticed to perceive any reason why the spot is so well known, so I surmise Konka truly is the spot to be.3 4

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