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InDriver app driver speaks out after being accused of attempted kidnapping

InDriver app driver speaks out after being accused of attempted kidnapping

While you are here, please follow me.

People without cars are now free to be out at odd hours because of services such as Uber, InDriver and Bolt. As much as there are many good experiences from customers, the few bad experiences are so scary that they can leave the bodies on your hair standing.

Whenever there are scary stories about the transport apps, the stories are told from the point of the "victims". The drivers are always the ones alleged to harm their customers and this should be alarming. There's no way that drivers with good ratings would go out of their way to sabotage themselves. The customers may be telling us fabricated stories to play off our emotions. In the same order, the alleged attempt of kidnapping against Avuyile Adonis may be actually not true.

After hours of Presley's profile trending on social media for attempted kidnapping, he finally spoke out on the allegations.

In leaked WhatsApp chats, the driver, Presley details the incident in a rather believable fashion. His narrative may not be popular on social media, but it does make sense and even correlates with Avuyile's story that he was heading in the direction of her destination.

In his narrative, he explains that the ride was going accordingly until his customer refused to pay for it. He claims that he did not threaten to speed off with her and that instead, she decided to jump off a moving car to avoid paying for the ride. If he headed in an opposite direction, it would be more believable that he had intended to drive off with her.

His profile has 4.8 stars meaning that his other customers had a good experience with him. The odds that he would deliberately sabotage himself are low. It is very unfair that we always believe the side of the person who posts first on social media. His profile is now leaked across all social media platforms. This means that his profile is tarnished.

Do you think that the lady posted first to play on people's gullibility?

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January 25, 2022.

Content created and supplied by: Zondiwe_M (via Opera News )

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