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Here are 6 Funny Android VS Iphone memes that may make you laugh. Opinion.

Most smartphone users can be divided into two categories, Android users and iPhone users. While both devices have their pros and cons, their is still a lot of debate over which device is better. Below I will show you six Iphone VS Android memes, so you can decide for yourself.

They were basically saying that the iPhone looks better than Android devices in this meme. However, while I may agree with them, I also appreciate the commentor who clapped back by saying that the iPhone would die before Mufasa does, which if you watch the movie is quite early in the runtime.

There are a lot of advantages to buying an Android, that's because the operating system gives you a lot of freedom to customize the way it looks and download any application you want. However I personally believe, like they say above, that many people are just buying Iphone devices because of the hype around them.

While the iPhone may look cool and function well, there is a lot of features hidden just below the surface of Android devices, which is what this meme is trying to illustrate.

Because of all the features, you can often find yourself feeling like a scientist or an engineer when customizing your Android. However if you want things simple, the iPhone is probably the better choice for you.

I found this one particularly funny, because of how true it is. A lot of my friends who own iphones have cracked screens on their devices. Simply because it would cost too much to repair.

Finally, as we covered earlier, an Androids battery will probably last longer than an iphones. Even if it has very little battery life left.

Tell me whether you prefer Androids or Iphones in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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