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Trending : Google smartphone caused stir on social media because of the functions

The Pixel 6 is finally here, and as someone who was mostly unimpressed by the Pixel lineup prior to now, I’m seriously intrigued by this first look from @samrutherford:

Google introduces the Google Pixel 6, which you've been seeing for weeks. It's available today at $599, You can order the 6.7-inch Google Pixel 6 Pro now for $899 (nice price). Google Pixel 6 series prices announced,

📲 Google Pixel 6 - Starting at $599

📲 Google Pixel 6 Pro - Starting at $899

Pixel 6 pro has 12GB of Ram, 6.7" 120Hz display confirmed on Pixel 6 Pro, Next up is the flagship device, the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

These Google Pixel 6 phones have a dynamic refresh rate (up to 120 hz) Google says, Send them your old Pixel and they will ensure it's responsibly recycled.

Rick says the Pixel 6 is the highest rated secure phone ever. One of the things that Google's Tensor chip provides is better speech recognition.

Google is really pushing the security angle here. Talking about Tensor Security Core and Titan M2.

The Pixel 6 Pro looks ... very large. Very large. But if it competes well against the Galaxy S21 Ultra, $899 is a good price.

Looking at what's custom in Google's Tensor reveals its interests. Stock CPU cores. Stock GPU cores. Custom security component. Custom ML component.

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