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CAUTION: People Are Being Warned To be Aware Of This Bolt, Here’s the reason Why

Bolt is a platform that makes it easier for those who drive and deliver food, riders, eaters, and restaurants to connect with one another. In cities where the Bolt service is available, the Bolt app has a feature that allows users to submit a ride request. When your request is accepted by a nearby driver, the app will provide you with an estimated arrival time for the driver who will be heading to the location where you will be picked up. 

These days, the vast majority of individuals do not go from one location to another using cabs; rather, they use bolt. The benefit of using bolt is that it brings you to your location in an accurate and timely manner. However, it does come with a few drawbacks, one of which being the fact that kidnappers are now using it to abduct people. They sign up as a bolt driver, and when you make a request for them to pick you up, they will do so, but they will take you to a different area. The general public has been cautioned an innumerable number of times to be on the lookout for such things. 

Following all of that, there is a post that is going viral of a woman who described how she nearly became a victim of kidnapping at the hands of a bolt driver. In her message, she mentioned that she had asked for a ride from Carnival City to Tsakane and that the driver did, in fact, come and pick her up. When they were in the middle of nowhere, the woman who was driving the bolt pulled over and told the passengers that she was no longer in danger, so they may exit the vehicle and she would seek for another bolt for them. She got into the trunk of the car while they were still talking and brought out some syringes so that she could drug them before she kidnapped them. 

It was a stroke of good luck that those passengers observed what she was doing in time, since they exited the vehicle and fled the scene. She is advising everyone to be careful around this bolt of lightning. View the image of the car that is included in the description down below. 




Following the publication of this on social media, a large number of users discussed their negative interactions with Bol. They say that Bol is affordable, but there is no security because the app security is subpar. Some individuals have even suggested that the bolt driver made an attempt to sexually abuse them. Have you ever been in a situation where bolts caused you trouble? We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments box below.



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