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Death machine: Man makes a machine that kills a person within a minute. It is painless way to kill

In a relatively short period of time in tTim, the human race has gone from making fire and making stone arrows to making smartphone apps and autonomous robots. Today, technological advances will undoubtedly continue the way we live, work and interact with each other-and it is only a matter of time before we live in an era of self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

 Philip Nitschke: An Australian euthanasia activist. He introduced a machine to change the way we die.

 In this century, we have witnessed the advent of social media, smartphones, self -driving cars, and cars that fly independently. There are also many leaps in energy conservation, artificial intelligence, and medical science. We face many global warming and food security challenges, among other issues. It is innovation and human ingenuity that can help people deal with these issues.

 Should any reasonable person be given the right to die?

 Sarco is a coffin coffin coffin that you go to so painlessly and peacefully kill yourself on purpose. Sarco will sit on a generator that will use liquid nitrogen that, if released, will lower the oxygen level in the capsule to induce hypoxia. When placed in environments with low oxygen levels, the body will slowly shut down, resulting in an increase in heart rate and rapid breathing.

 In Sarco, a person simply enters the room, lies down and, when ready, presses a button to die. Within a minute, the user lost consciousness; death immediately followed. Nitschke: Sarco has “style and charm” within a minute.

 Those who want to run it should first take an online test to see if they don’t have a suicidal mindset. Are there more than 50 deserving of the right to die on their own conditions?

 “Suicide Machine” is the world’s first printed “suicide machine” dedicated to 3D designed to make death as quick as the press of a button.

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Australian Philip Nitschke


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