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Be on the Lookout of This new Scam by Uber Eats Drivers

There are a lot of scams in Mzansi at the moment and it's really getting hard to keep track of all of them. In a country with such a huge unemployment rate this type of behavior is exactly what one would expect to find because people would do almost anything whether legal or illegal just to make a buck.

The latest scam that has been reported on social media concerns uber eats drivers, which is alarming because uber has such strict rules and regulations and guidelines for their drivers. A guy posted on his time line that the new scam by the drivers takes place when a person orders their meals via the uber eats app and it just never arrives.

He said that the driver does a drop off, then takes a picture outside the door of where they are supposed to leave the good then they go back and put the food back into their bikes and then drives off with it. When they send and sms asking the driver about the food and his whereabouts, they send a picture of their outside door as if he is just outside with the delivery. 

These people were watching the whole thing and the driver didn't know that they saw what he did. I am sure that they have already reported him to the company and have brought this new scam into uber's attention, because this is probably not the first time driver has done this, but this time he certainly messed with the wrong people, so when ordering your food online always be on high alert.


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