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She became a laughing stock on social media when people noticed this on a picture she posted

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, it is our source of news, information and other social issues.

Millions of people use social media platforms every day, for different reasons even. Some use it to entertain themselves, socialize, look for love, advertise their businesses and to make money.

For some, social media platforms has became a place where they compete or show people that their lives are going well. Which has put pressure on some to live a certain lifestyle on social media.

Everything on social media looks perfect, the pictures on social media do not always tell the truth about someone's life, the pictures only show the up side, for some it is about fitting in or pretending to have it all together.

Social media users are obsessed with the idea of looking perfect. This is why people go to an extend that they post pictures with false locations and flash things that they pretend to own.

A woman named @hey_s.shawty on Instagram shared a very beautiful picture of herself, she tagged the location of where she was, which was Los Angeles, California.

Moments later, people noticed that there is taxi on the background of her pictures that is not found at the United States of America.

People started questioning if she was telling the truth or lying for content. The picture was made fun of on Twitter.

Here are some of the comments below:


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