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Man are going through a lot, see the real person vs her profile picture: Opinion

There are only two possible explanation as to what happened to these two photos. It is either she used makeup or she edited her profile picture using these apps that young people are using these days. There are so many apps that can make a person look nice.

You can add things that are not there to your picture through these apps. They can use Photoshop, they can use other picture editing apps that can make them look nice. So it could be that she edited the photo. There are apps that are available in most of the smartphones, it doesn't have to be an expensive phone.

Those apps they allow a person to edit the photo, you can edit the photo to look brighter or to look darker. Anything is possible as long as a person has a smartphone. So most of the times you will call a person not knowing that you have actually fallen in love with the profile picture not the actual person.

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