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These Designs Failed So Hard They Need To Take A Supplentary Exam.

Guys, some things are just fun to scroll through. That's why social media is taking over the world. There's enough horrible and depressing things out there. Sometimes one need to just take a breath open an app and let all that anxiety and stress out.

That's why I am dedicated to make Opera News Hub readers smile. Because you deserve to smile, and today I will make you smile with some epic design fails. Things that will make you stare, gasp and even laugh out loud if you saw them down the street.

Here are Some epic design fails that need to be reevaluate in the least.

Denim boots...elegant?

How do you like this nail style?

This Titanic blow-up slide

“This Shrek car rolled into work today.”

Who had this idea?

A Volkswagen Beetle-bike

This is an actual phone you can use!

Why carry keys in your hand if you can just do this?

This is the longest tag we’ve ever seen.

This is really surrealistic.

Ready for takeoff?

This is both really weird and attractive.

Lobster bike

Thank goodness these aren’t trendy anymore.

It must be really hard to rub off the splatters.

Is this really the best place for a toilet?

“Thanks, Grandma!”

We aren’t exactly sure if the cat is happy or hates its underwear.

Would you like to have any of these crazy things? Tell us in the comments!

Please spread the love and smiles. Share with family and friends and leave me a comment in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading.

Love and prosperity to you.

Content created and supplied by: Xiya (via Opera News )

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