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Guy Turned into a Laughing Stock After Promoting for Samsung but People Noticed this Instead

Social media influencers are every where nowadays and you can literally find them on each and every social media platform, whether it being twitter, instagram. etc. They do a lot of stuff in order for them to make a buck or two and some even lie just for marketing purposes just for them to sell a product and gain favour with the brand.

People are aware of this, but they go along with it any way, but just don't let catch you red handed because then you are never going to hear the end of it, and they are just going drag you all over social media.The following guy made a blunder when he posed some pictures marketing the new Samsung galaxy s21 to his followers. 

He was talking about how good the camera of the phone is and the type of pictures it takes and how it is one of the best phones out there. When you someone marketing something like this one would expect the person to be using the phone themselves, thay is why they are speaking so good about it, but in this case the guy was just doing it for money and nothing else, the guy doesn't even use a samsung phone.

On pictures that he posted it showed that he was using twitter for iPhones and people noticed this so they just couldn't let it go and made fun of it. Even if you want to make a quick buck, and make us believe in the product that you are marketing at least don't get caught.


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