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How to Activate 100 Free DSTV Channels

Due to the influence of streaming services and the high costs associated with accessing their content, DStv subscriptions are on the decline.

Adding more channels to your payment plan is simpler than you would think if you still have your DStv decoder or have a Compact subscription. By adjusting a few parameters, MyBroadband conducted an experiment and successfully added 100 channels to a DStv decoder at no cost.

MyBroadband claims that the channels are broadcast without charge from the Intelsat 20 satellite that DStv uses. To view these channels for free, you would need a few things:

These include a satellite decoder that supports MPEG and the DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulations, both of which are included on current DStv decoders. If you currently have or previously had a DStv connection, you should also have a dish antenna and LNB aimed at the satellite.

These channels are not included in the DStv service, thus you can watch them without a subscription because they are available for free. People who have canceled their DStv subscriptions but still own the gear and decoder can benefit from this approach.

After establishing a connection, navigate to settings, select satellite settings, and then click on other networks to access five network settings. As Network 1 is utilized for DStv, avoid setting up channels there; instead, set up channels from Networks 2 to 5. Activate the decoder's network scanning. You should be able to access them after the scan by switching the browser menu's settings to "All Channels" rather than "My Channels."

Many of the channels, according to MyBroadband, were of a religious nature, but there were also several Openview HD channels, retail channels like PEP, Game, and Clicks, as well as other programming.

Even while the quality might not be on par with DStv, it is at least a free hack that'll make life a bit better for you.

Source: The Citizen

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