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EFF members turned to a laughing stock after they were caught on camera doing this. (Opinion)

Members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) seem to have lost their ability to think critically and have become naive since being exposed for doing anything out of the ordinary.

In order to buy these tools, many people have traveled to an out-of-the-way place, where they have now gathered in great numbers; in fact, ten guys are currently perched on a stone frog nearby in an effort to patch the road.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have approached the problem of potholes in an unconventional way, and the public at large has no idea how to respond.

It's upsetting to see that they're not doing anything to fix the situation, and it's even more concerning to realize that their virtual distraction has turned them into a serious idiot. This is due to the fact that they throw off members of the public who should know better about what motivates them to keep patching holes in an old stone road.

Despite the fact that many locals feel helpless in the face of the horrible road conditions they are protesting, in the end they give it their utmost to ensure the area isn't badly damaged.

Despite this, the fact that so many of their supporters can't identify dark top from rock should be cause for alarm, especially because the party has recently risen to power and this is an extremely high percentage of the population.

The public's allegations that EFF supporters are plainly aberrant and hence cannot be trusted with control of the country or any piece of it may or may not be justified, but the evidence continues to be in plain sight.


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