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"Guys take those smartphones from our parents" cried Twitter influencer after seeing these pictures

Smart phones have really m de lives so much easier for all age groups. They have applications that allow people to communicate thoroughly without having to use airtime for calling.

Smart phones have also made it easier for children to conduct their school researches over the phone without having to carry a laptop or desktop to school. Almost everyone has adapted to use of smartphone these days.

A certain influencer has however called out elderly people from using smart phones after seeing certain photos that were circulating on social media. Some smart phones have an ability to edit a background of a photo so that it can put one in a place that they never were. People have edited their pictures to make them look like they had gone to a beach or desert and all other nice places.

Some people however do not know when to stop as they end up putting their photos in places that are beyond human reach making them look as fake as they can be. Some pictures showed a man standing on the middle of the road with dinosaurs behind him. This got people laughing on social media.

Other picture were of a woman sitting on a sky scrapper and another another man with his face looking over at lions from the sky. People could not help themselves but laugh at the picture.

On the other hand others were saying that the applications are the for the people's entertainment therefore the elderly ought to use them any way they wish. No one should be told what to do with their phone because we all have them for various reasons. Some people use their phones for communication, others for work, research and some for entertainment purposes.

Please share your thoughts if the elderly should stop editing their phones this way or they should keep having fun.

Content created and supplied by: Rumbiekay (via Opera News )


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