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2 Common Mistakes We Do While Charging Smartphones, Causing Damage To Battery

Many phone owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the speed with which their devices' batteries drain. The product producer is often blamed as well; nevertheless, the manufacturer is not necessarily at fault in this situation. Here are two blunders that people should avoid making while charging their mobile devices.


You charge your phone overnight while away from home.

In the event that you allow your phone to charge all night, you will waste power and charge the battery more than is really required. This will also reduce the number of charging cycles that the battery receives.

Another reason to never leave your phone charging overnight is to ensure that it does not get overheated.

You should never keep your phone in its case when charging It

If you use a case or cover to protect your smartphone, be sure you remove it before charging it. When the battery is being charged, it might get extremely warm. When the phone is enclosed in a case, the warmth is contained within the phone, and the elevated temperature might cause harm to it over time.

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