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People react after he posted that he found R700 in a taxi but do not know what to do with it assist

One thing about people on social media is that when it comes to answers they are very quick, there will never be a time whereby someone will go on social media and ask a question and not get an answer. Trust me you can never go wrong they are very quick.

And when we talk about replies they know how to make someone's day, their replies will get you in and out of trouble because they have a way of making something look right even though you feel that no this is wrong, but as soon as you read their replies you will realize that it's not as bad as you think it is.

Olitilwe a Twitter user took to his social media account to share that he found R700 on the seat in a taxi, but he was confused and didn't know what to do, he then quickly went on Twitter and told people what happened asking them to assist him, comments below will leave you in stitches.

People didn't waste any time in answering him as the first comment was WHY ARE YOU MAKING NOISE JUST GET OFF THAT TAXI AND CATCH THE NEXT ONE.

As much as he also wanted to get off that taxi, it was unfortunate that the taxi got full before he can even get off. And now he's tempted to give the money to the driver but the biggest question is WHAT IF THE MONEY DOESN'T BELONG TO THE DRIVER, AND WILL THE DRIVER BE HONEST ENOUGH TO GIVE THE MONEY TO THE OWNER IF IT HAPPENS THEY COME BACK TO CLAIM IT?

Below are people comments and here is what they had to say about this matter see below:

I know this is a bit tricky and wherever he is now he's scared and shaking, if it was you what would you do, would you give the money back to the driver or you would keep the money for yourself?

Now the ball is in your court let's hear what you have to say.

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