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If You See this USB Charger In your Hotel Room Leave Immediately, Do this First When You Arrive.

Nowadays people tend to think that technology is good for us, but they don't know that it has its disadvantages too. These days people usually use technology to manipulate others. For example a cell phone was invented so that people can communicate with their loved ones who are far away from them. However others use cellphones to hack and steal things from others, or they hack other people's personal stuff and expose them.

Because of innovation, it is presently not protected to go to a hotel and do your everyday exercises freely. These days, individuals put hidden cameras in their hotel rooms with the goal of catching whatever the visitors will be doing. The vast majority of individuals who go to lodgings are couples who need to partake in a break or the people who are seeing each other in secret. So in case you don't check the lodging before you start your exercises, one day you'll end up in one of the blue recordings moving on the web. See the photograph of the most utilised gadget that individuals put in the hotel rooms.

Many of you will see this device as a charger, adapter or something else. However this is a camera. For your own safety If you go to a hotel or a lodge and u bump into it, just pack your stuff and head home or to another hotel because you will be recorded and exposed. See more pictures of the gadget below:

As you can see from the pictures above, there's a small dot, and that dot is both a camera and a microphone. Usually these gadgets are always hidden so that you can't see them. However you can switch off the lights when you arrive at your hotel room and turn on your cell phone's torch, pointing it all over the room. If there’s a camera, you’ll see it with a reflection light because lances reflect light back.

Another important thing is that you don't charge your phone using this gadget because it hacks your phone and gives all the information to the owner.


A few inns put them there for security purposes, in light of the fact that there are individuals who take lodgings' property when they leave. So they put this camera on you so they can find you with the video on the off chance that you take anything, however this is unlawful on the grounds that a lodging should be a private space.What are your contemplations on this? Do you think it is smart for inns to secure their assets by placing cameras in the rooms? Leave your remarks underneath


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