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GOOD NEWS : You can reach Thousands OF Likes and Comments On Your Facebook Page, See how

You can reach Thousands Likes and Comments On Your Facebook Page , See how . 

Truth is in today's life the easy way to reach your targeted people or markets is to use Social media and reach people that's you need to know about the Services you provide . 

To create a Facebook page it takes less than five minutes , most small , midium and big businesses have Facebook pages , even you may have your own Facebook page , now the question stands how you can reach more people to your Facebook page . 

Facebook is one of the biggest and trusted social media platforms to connect friends , family and to do business . As mentioned above most business rely on social media to markets their products . Now to reach more people to your page , Facebook have introduced the option of boosting , this option is not new it was introduced years ago .You can boost the page , post or an event created . To boost your post is estimated from R20.00 a day or more many options are available through the Facebook App. 

To pay for your advert created through Facebook you have to pay through digital payments , where you're going to be asked to enter your personal information like identity , bank card number , CVV code and bank pin to pay for the service ordered . The debit payment is instant to 24 hours , to start this service with Facebook you need to have enough funds on your bank account . 

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