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BARRY: You are using iPhone but you want me to give you 100 bucks. Check the comment section

Gwancha V had asked for 100 bucks from Jan Makhosi and he could not believe it. Gwancha V is using an iPhone and according to Jan Makhosi, he should have money. It is because when you are seen having an iPhone, you are living softly and you can't be struggling with cash. Your lifestyle is already expected to be very high.

The iPhone is not cheap, even if you are going to buy a used one. The biggest question will be how he got it and is living above his means. It becomes clear that he has an expensive phone but he is broke. He did not share the story of how he got it and it does not look like Jan Makhosi will give him that money.


There are many materialistic things that people have and when you have them, you are already seen as someone who is wealthy and can't struggle to get such low money. From how Qwancha has asked for the money, it does not come from a huge desperation, but there is something he wants that's needed 100 bucks. It could be something like airtime.

It goes to where people are seen living a soft lifestyle but they are barely affording that lifestyle being sold to the public. With an iPhone, it makes itself public on Twitter and you can't hide it. The young man wanted help, but he was not taken very seriously for it. They were mocking him and they were not going to let it slide.


When you are asking for help on Twitter, they want to see your main reason why you want help and if they feel like you are not telling the truth, they will not help. Especially when they are aware of your lifestyle and then you are in need of help from them. They are not being cruel, but they just want people to make sure that they spend their money wisely and you should not flex.

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