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Check what she got after she bought an R2.4k iPhone online, this caused a stir on social media

Through the use of a web browser or a mobile app, consumers can directly purchase goods or services from sellers via the Internet through online shopping. Customers can find a product of interest by going to the retailer's website directly or by using a shopping search engine to look up alternative vendors.

Shopping search engines show the availability and price of the same product at various e-retailers. By 2020, clients will be able to purchase online utilizing a variety of computers and gadgets, such as desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone computers.

Business-to-consumer online shopping is the practice of purchasing goods or services from an online store in a manner physically similar to visiting a traditional "bricks-and-mortar" store or shopping mall. Business-to-business online purchasing refers to the setup of an online store to allow businesses to purchase from other businesses.

A typical online store enables the user to explore the selection of goods and services offered by the business, examine pictures or photographs of the goods, and access details such as prices, features, and specs.

Some people prefer this way of shopping, but it has alot of disadvantage were in you don't get what you really paid for.

Like this customer who bought an iphone costing R2.4k but instead of getting a phone, he got a used up iron. This caused a stir on social media


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